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Band Handbook

Rules and Responsibilities

I. Attendance - Attendance is required at all events unless otherwise noted.
The only acceptable excuses are extreme emergency. Please telephone the band room at 668-1985 and bring a note from your parents explaining the absence.
Absence from required events will result in an "F" for that event and will be averaged into that quarter's grade.

II. Behavior
A. Be On Time
- Be in the classroom when the bell rings and ready to play 3 minutes after.
- Be at events at the time stated and be ready to play according to the posted schedule.
B. Be Prepared for Class, Rehearsals and Performances
- Bring all necessary materials including instruments, reeds, mouthpieces, music, supplies, lyres, flip folders and a pencil.
C. Show Respect
- Respect yourself, your band, and those around you.
- Respect the music and your performance (don't dis' us in public, keep negatives in the family and try to construct comments as positive criticism).
- Respect your environment.
*in the bandroom, no eating, drinking or gum chewing.
*in the stands, on the field or in a parade remember you are the ambassadors for our band, our school and yourself. The behavior demonstrated is the behavior that will be remembered and the behavior that will "tell" everyone about you and Patrick Henry High School.
- Respect your uniform. If your uniform is not hung up or hung up improperly or not returned after each event you will be fined according to this formula, $1 the first time, then $2, then $4, $8, $16, $32 and so on.
- Respect your instrument and your music/folder. If your instrument or case, or your music/folder or stand is left out after a performance or rehearsal you will be fined in the same formula as above.

III Instruments, Music, Uniforms
A. Instruments - Students will provide their own instrument or rent an instrument from the school. If a student is requested to double on another instrument the instrument will be provided free of charge.
B. Music is distributed throughout the year. If the music is lost a fee will be charged for its replacement.
C. Uniforms - Each band member will be fitted for a uniform. Each member must have black shoes for marching (we may be purchasing shoes approx. $20 - $30). After each event all members must hang their uniform according to specifications and return to the uniform room. If this is not done the member will be fined.