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ELL Writing (6477-1)

Patrick Henry High School

ESL Writing Syllabus



Instructor Contact Information

Name: Kadia Mosiori

Room: 132

Phone/Voicemail: (612)668-8275



Course Description

This writing class consists of regular writing activities. Students will write for various purposes and for a variety of audiences. Writing assignments will range from research report writing to fixing mechanics and grammar errors. Students will practice production and organization of ideas, sentence structures, word choice, grammar and mechanics to improve their writing skills. Major writing projects will give students opportunities to apply those skills.


Course Objectives

The goal of this course is to help students to refine their academic writing skills. Students will learn the basics of planning, drafting, revising, and editing in academic writing. Students will write regularly in order to improve their ability to write academic essays with greater clarity, fluency, correctness and cohesion. By the end of the course, students will be able to:

1.      Write about familiar academic topics in guided tasks

2.      Write short narratives

3.      Revise a draft for content and organization

4.      Edit own work for spelling, punctuation, grammar

5.      Cite sources of information using a standard method of documentation (MLA or APA)

6.      Use computer for word processing, revising and editing


Required Texts and Other Supplies

?  Text: Oshima, A. & A. Hogue. Introduction to Academic Writing. Addison Wesley Longman, 1997.

? Pintozzi, D., Struder, M. & Kabel, M. Passing the Minnesotat grade 9 Test of written Composition. American Book Company, 2006

?  Davis Lenski, S. & Johns, J.L. Improving Writing: Resources, Strategies and Assessments. Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company, 2000.

?  Notebook (Writing journal)

?  Folder




Major assignments

There will be several major writing assignments. The assignments will allow students to get information on a specific topic and write an essay. These assignments will give students opportunities to practice high level writing. 


Class work and homework

There will be several other assignments throughout the year. These assignments will allow students to focus on a specific aspect of writing at a time such as organization, grammar, sentence structure, mechanic, purpose, quotations, paraphrasing, etc.


Quizzes and tests

You will have occasional quizzes and tests based on specific instructional materials. These quizzes and tests will allow the teacher to assess students’ progress towards acquisition of a specific skill or knowledge. Tests will be announced at least one week before the test date. There will be no announcement for quizzes.


Grading Policies

You are expected to do all major assignments, class work, homework, quizzes and tests.  You will get a grade for all major assignments, quizzes and tests. However, only selected class work and homework will be graded. I will use a numerical grading system, and the weight of the total grade for each assignment will reflect the amount of work and level of thinking that is needed to complete it. For instance, a mechanics assignment can count for 5 points only, and major assignments for 30 points. Your final grade for the class will be a letter grade (A-F) based on the numerical total points. Class participation will count for 10% of your total grade for each quarter. The following is the grading scale for this class:

A: 100%-94%                         C+: 79%-77%                         D-: 63%-60%

A-: 93%-90%                          C: 76%-74%                            F: 59% and below

B+: 89%-87%                         C-: 73%-70%                         

B: 86%-84%                            D+: 69%-67%                        

B-: 83%-80%                          D: 66%-64%                                  


Late and missing work

The due dates for all assignments completed outside the classroom will be posted. I will take away 10% of the total possible points for each assignment not turned in on the due date. For instance if a student gets 10/10 on a late assignment he/she will lose 1 point on that assignment and will get 9/10 instead.


Your grades will be posted on the Minneapolis Public Schools website within two weeks of work completion. One missing assignment negatively impacts your total grade. I may give you a grade on paper but forget to enter it on Discovery. So, I will advise you to keep all completed and graded work in your folder until you see your grade on Discovery. That is the only proof that you completed work for which you do not have a grade on the computer.


If you are absent and miss a test, quiz or any other class work that you cannot make up, you will get a 0 unless you bring proof of excused absence.


Class policies/expectation



Regular attendance is necessary for each student to get the knowledge and skill you need to improve your English and achieve the goals of this course. Attendance will be part of classroom participation grade. If you miss more than 7 days of school, you will automatically fail this class. If you miss a class or come late, it is your responsibility to find out what work you have missed and to make it up as soon as possible.



It is important that you come to class on time. You are expected to be in the room when the bell rings. Consequences for tardiness will be according to Patrick Henry school wide tardiness policy.



You must not leave the classroom during class period without a pass signed by the teacher.  Passes will be limited and will be given only when necessary (according to the teacher‘s own judgment).


Scholastic Honesty

You are expected to follow scholastic honesty rules at all time in all your work. Scholastic honesty means that any work that you give the teacher for a grade is a product of your own effort and reflects what your truly know and/or can do. Scholastic dishonesty includes cheating on a test, quiz or exam, copying from a classmate’s assignment or any other written source (plagiarism). Any student who violates this academic honesty policy will receive 0 for the assignment and parents will be notified.



Be prepared: bring a pencil/pen and a notebook/ paper every day.

Be respectful: respect everybody; listen to your teacher and classmates when they are talking; respect school property; sit properly.

Use classroom time wisely: stay on task; don’t waste time with disruptive talk or behavior.

Beside the classroom rules and expectations above, each student is expected to follow all school and district wide behavior policy in this classroom.



As a teacher at Patrick Henry, I am expected and will contact your parents/ guardians whenever necessary by phone or in writing (e-mail/ regular mail) to communicate information regarding absences, behavior and missing work. I will also communicate information about my class via the internet. My course syllabus will be available on my Website and student grades will be available on Discovery. There will also be regular classroom announcements regarding test dates and major assignment due dates.


Academic Support

I will be available for extra help (tutorial) outside of class most Mondays/ Thursdays after school. I will also encourage you to meet with me at other times when I am available.


Course Calendar

I will give you a course outline at the beginning of each quarter. The 4 quarters are as follows:

Semester 1: August 30 - Jan. 21

Semester 2: Jan. 25 - June 8


Patrick Henry High School

ESL Writing

2010-2011: Quarter 1 outline



Important topics

language structures

Essential skills

Important dates

August 30– Sept.  3

Introduction/ Assessment

Writing  about people: a paragraph to introduce a classmate

 Show what you know



Sept. 7 – Sept.  10

Writing that describes: Process writing


The simple sentence

Parts of a sentence: subject and predicate, verb and complement

Writing a complete sentence

Describing an object


Sept. 13  – Sept. 17

The writing process

Model paragraph

Writing about a person

Prepositional phrases

Writing complete sentences




Sept. 20 – Sept. 24

Writing a narrative

Time order words and phrases

Simple present tense and adverbs of frequency

Organizing ideas in chronological order

Free writing


Sept. 27  – Oct. 1

Writing a narrative

Comma rules

compound sentences with coordinating conjunctions (and, but, so, or)

Combining sentences

Oct. 4– Oct. 8

Writing a description

Spatial order words and phrases

It is, there is, there are

Organizing writing according to spatial order


Oct. 11  – Oct. 15

Writing a description

Present continuous tense

Subject-verb agreement rules

Describing a busy scene

Oct. 18 – Oct. 22

Writing a description

Compound sentences with Coordinating conjunctions (yet, for, nor)

Position of prepositional phrases

Combining sentences

 Oct. 21 & 22: teacher convention

Oct. 25 – Oct. 29

Paragraph organization

paragraph structure: Parts of a paragraph: topic sentence, supporting sentences, concluding sentence

Writing a coherent and unified paragraph


Nov. 1 – Nov. 5

Paragraph organization

Outlining a paragraph

Writing an outline

Nov. 5: First quarter ends

Nov. 6: no school