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Welcome to my website!
Dr. Price Room #310


Welcome to my Bological Science website.   We are doing great things in Dr. Price's class.  We are implementing new MYP biology curriculum are quite excited about it.  You may contact me at: or by phone at (612) 692-1038.

Our Mission Statement: 

Patrick Henry High School is a diverse community that values and supports the experiences of inquiry and learning through meaningful opportunities that bring intercultural understanding to our students, our staff, our neighbors and our world.

In line with our MYP and science standards, we just completed a metric unit.  The unit question was "How do We Measure Up?"

We are currently completing a cells unit with a cell analogy project.  The MYP unit question is "In What Ways do Cells Function like Systems?"

Please click on the links below to access my course syllabi.  A link to the cells analogy rubric is also included.

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