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Piano - Syllabus is available as a downloadable document at the bottom of this page.


Piano Class

Semester 1

Instructor Contact Information:

Elizabeth Roth Kotek

            Room # 001

            Phone:  668-1985  Voice mail:  692-0686

            Email Address:


School’s Mission Statement:  The Patrick Henry Community is committed to providing academically challenging programs which teach students to act responsibly, reason effectively, and contribute to a changing society.


Music Department’s Mission Statement: The objective of the music program is to allow every student to grow intellectually, emotionally, socially and physically through the medium of music.  Every student will develop a life-long interest in music and through hard work, discipline and cooperation, we will develop a family of musicians with a devotion to music in the classroom, the school, and the community.


Course Description/ Objectives        

            Students will increase their ability to play the piano.  Students will be exposed to a broad study of music from this and other cultures.  Student’s perception of elements in music and their ability to analyze many styles of music will increase.  Students will acquire the knowledge to recognize musical characteristics and develop musical skills.  Students will increase their understanding and use of musical vocabulary.


Required Texts and Other Supplies

            Piano and Piano book provided in class


**** 3 Ring Binder to be used for a Developmental Workbook for theory and

                other handouts

            Student Planner

            School ID


Grading Policy

            Grades are earned through a combination of written and oral evaluations,

performance/playing tests on the piano, participation in group discussion and written and oral presentations, and worksheets.  Extra credit is available.


Class Policies

Attendance – An absence is defined as missing more than 15 minutes of class.  After 3 absences a call will be made home.  Five (5) unexcused absences will result in a full grade deduction.  Seven or more unexcused absences will result in an F for the quarter.


Promptness  Students who are not in class when the bell rings must have a signed pass from teacher or a tardy referral the security staff.  Three tardy referrals result in detention in the form of Saturday school.  Continuing tardiness will be dealt with by the Principal.


Passes – 3 passes are allowed for each quarter.


Behavior Expectations

            A. Be On Time - Be in the classroom and seated when the bell rings.


            B.  Be Prepared for Class, Rehearsals and Performances

                        - Bring all necessary materials books, music, paper, and a pencil.


            C.  Show Respect

                        - Respect yourself and those around you.

                        - Respect the music and your performance (don't dis' us in

                           public, keep negatives in the family and try to construct

                           comments as positive criticism).

                        - Respect your environment.  Pick up after yourself.

                         * *No eating, drinking or gum chewing.**


Food/Drink in classroom – Water is the only food or beverage allowed in class.  This policy also excludes gum, candy, seeds and any other consumable product.  Students with food/drink will be required to throw away the product


Academic Support  - Study Hall or Tutorials are available at the request of the student/parents.  I am in my class every morning except most Tuesdays from 7:15 and every afternoon.  Students must be in my classroom for afternoon tutorials by 3:10 PM.


Electronics/Cell Phones – These should not be seen or heard, including earbuds, blue-tooth accessories and head-phones.  If they are seen or heard they will be confiscated and turned over to an administrator.


Calendar of Topics and Assignments Quarter 1: At the beginning of each quarter a new calendar will be distributed.


Major assignments – Playing and written tests on body, hand & finger positions and music theory.


Course Calendar – Quarter 1

Week 1       Welcome, classroom expectations, syllabus, fundamentals of

                        music and the piano, from Packet #1, Music theory 1 -4.

Week 2      Test out Packet #1, begin pgs 17 - 21.  Theory 5-7.  Written test on C 5 finger position and Lesson 8.

Week 3      Test on pgs 17 - 21, begin pgs 23-27.  Theory 9 – 12.

Week 4      Test on pgs 23 - 27, begin pgs 28 -31.  Theory 13 – 15, test

                         Lesson 16.

Week 5      Test on pgs 28 - 31.  Mid-term quiz. Begin Packet #2. 

                          Theory 17 - 20

Week 6        Test on packet #2, begin pgs 32,33.  Theory 21 – 23, quiz

                        Lesson 24.

Week 6A    Test on 32,33, begin work on pgs 34-37.  Theory 25 – 28.

Week 7       Test on pgs 34 – 37, begin work on pgs 38 - 41.  Theory 28 –

                        30, quiz Lesson 31.

Week 8       Playing test through pg 41, begin pgs 42-47.  Theory 32 – 35.

Week 9       Final written and playing test through pg 47.  Theory 36 – 38,

                        quiz Lesson 39, written test on all lessons 1 – 39.  Peer and

                        self-assessment of music and performances 1st quarter.


Each quarter’s course calendar will be distributed at the beginning of the quarter.


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