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Quarter 1 Outline

Quarterly Course Outline

I.    School’s Mission Statement:  The Patrick Henry Community is committed to providing academically challenging programs which teach students to act responsibly, reason effectively, and contribute to a changing society.



II.    Course Title: 12th Grade IB History of the Americas


III.      Minnesota Academic Standards to be taught this quarter:

Standards will be based on the International Baccalaureate Group 3(Individuals and Societies) History Guide.

In this quarter we will cover the approaches to the teaching of IB history as well as one 20th century world history topic (Causes, practices and effects of wars). 



IV.    Expectations for Student Learning (At the end of this Quarter, students will be able to):

A. Students will understand and be able to demonstrate analysis of historical documents using historiographic skills.

B. Students will be able to explain and analyze various interpretations of the causes of WWI


V.  Instructional Methods/Strategies:

A wide variety of methods will be used. Lectures, reading, writing group work and discussion will be the primary strategies.



VII.            Assignments:

Reiterate the major types of assignments from your original syllabus

a.)    Major Projects:

1. Selected sections of a redesigned textbook based on knowledge of historiography.

2. A 3-D rememberence of the effects of WWI.

3. A web diagram of international relations prior to WWI.


b.)   Assignment Schedule:  Major assignments and exams will be given on Tuesdays and Fridays.


c.)    Academic Support: Tuesdays after school is my tutorial.