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A Message from Ka Greve, Exchange Student


As an exchange student, it is not always easy to find a place within the community you are in. People that have known one another for long periods of time find it hard to include new people. People they don't know, from a culture they don't know.

Within the community I had however, this was absolutely not the case. I attended Patrick Henry High School in North Minneapolis where I was taken in as one of their own. Everyone was willing to help me out, and even asked questions about my home country; The Netherlands.

The HeRobotics team, 2500 from Patrick Henry was like my family, they included me, helped me and thought me things I didn't even know existed. I was able to teach them things, and they me. I have never felt as welcome as I did in Patrick Henry and the home community I was placed in.

Through AYUSA international exchange programs I was placed in a home with loving people, that had things in common with myself, but had differences too. We learned from one another, something I hold very valuable. Without my host family and my school I had never been able to have had this experience, to have learned as much as I have.

Thank you so so much for everything you have done for me everyone, I love you! I'll see you in the future.

Karianne Greve
Exchange student from The Netherlands to Minneapolis, Minnesota 2015-2016