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AP Psychology

Happy School Year 2016-2017!! I am excited to have AP again this year.  The year will be rigorous but fun.  Make sure to read and keep up to date with this site and your mymps account.  

Refer back the syllabus anytime you have questions for this class. 

Reading Schedule

Reading Schedule Unit 1

We will follow this schedule very closely please be aware that you will need to keep up and either write notes or create a graphic organizer with your reading every day. 

Sites needed to succeed in AP

The following are tools that will help you succeed in AP throughout the year.  Schoology will be your first point of access for this class.  If you have any question about what is due or needs to be read I will be updating this daily throughout the year.  MyPsychLab will periodically have materials that you will need to watch or listen to prior to coming to class.  Make sure that you sign up and create an account.  AP Central will help with all of your questions about the exam as well as provide examples and past tests to study from.  Quizlet is a tool to help you quiz yourself with all of the vocabulary that you will come across throughout the year.  Understand the vocabulary and it  will help you understand Psych!!



AP Central


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