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Black Male Achievement

Purpose: Black Male Achievement was formed to address the increasing needs of Patrick Henry High school when working with black males in college and career preparation, social and emotional support (caring and supportive environment), and cultural responsive. To support teachers and staff in serving black male scholars through best practices in cultural responsiveness; recognizing equity, unconscious biases and historical racial inequality within educational systems.  


Mission: To foster Black male success at Patrick Henry High School by elimination gaps in opportunity and belief.   


Vision: As a school, create and sustain a building wide culture of excellence, high expectations, sense of self and historical imagination for Black Male Scholars at PHHS.


Objective and Goals:

Our objectives and Goals directly align with Patrick Henry’s Strategic Plan Core Belief and Pillars.


Core Belief: Equity - We meet scholars and families where they are and strategically allocate our limited resources to meet their academic and social/emotional needs to ensure that all students are college, career and life ready.

Pillars: Connection to Families and Communities, College and Career Preparation, Caring and Supportive Environment, and Cultural Responsiveness.


Black male scholars will be:

  • Equipped with academic, problem-solving and social emotional skills (College and Career preparation);

  • Engaged in career, college, and life opportunities and authentic leadership roles at Henry to build academic identity (College and Career Preparation, Connections to Families and Communities);

  • Encouraged to build strong relationships with peers, families, staff and community and become innovative thinkers (Caring and Supportive environment, Connection to Families and Communities); and

  • Empowered to achieve academic and social/emotional success (Cultural Responsiveness, Caring and Supportive environment).


PHHS staff and teachers will be:

  • Equipped with instructional skills for classroom success (Career and College Preparation).

  • Engaged in professional development around racial equity, curriculum, culture, and ect.(Cultural Responsive).

  • Encouraged to think innovatively from the lens of equity and restorative justice to successfully engage black male scholars in and out of the classroom (Caring and Supportive Environment).


Families and community partners will be:

  • Engaged in the academic success of Black male scholar, and involvement opportunities at Henry (Family and Community Engagement).

  • Encouraged to participate in building relationships with students and staff and to have a voice in the continuous success of black males at Patrick Henry (Family and Community Engagement).