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The Legacy
Blind by Ja'Kisha for March 12th



by Ja’Kisha




I look, but I can’t see

The shroud of darkness chases me

Trying to find the exit before it’s too late.

All I want is light

Searching in a maze


Reading the signs

Sitting on Cloud 9

Waiting, listening for the answers

Should I go or should I stay

But the path goes both ways.


Even with my knowings

My feelings still aspire a partner

A dim light of choice

A path anticipated, on hold

A spirit on stand-by

So I wait for the chance

And in time I will see


Days, weeks, months I waited

Searching for the worlds I started

Expressing is art founded in the soul

Does your spirit live or die?

The segment can only go so far, so long before it stops

And with it everything else

Time can only give so much before it’s gone

And when it’s gone, you will see the difference.