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Civil War Links

Information on the life of Harriet Jacobs - author of "Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl." 

An excerpt from Uncle Tom's Cabin - we read this in class.

Slavery's Opponents and Defenders Assignment
Click here to print out the packet on slavery's opponents and defenders. 
Click here for more information on John C. Calhoun.
Click here to read "Slavery a Positive Good" by John C. Calhoun.


Sources for Researching the Civil War
North v. South - Click here to get the worksheet AND links to complete this assignment.  We are only doing p.2-11 of the packet. Follow this link to compare and contrast the North and South economically.  Union vs. Confederate Commanders - go here

Use these web pages to find some great to find primary or secondary sources for the Civil War. 
Best of History - The South and Slavery
Best of History - Civil War
Best of History - Reconstruction
Africans in America - Primary and Secondary Sources about Africans and slavery in America. Click on the "Resource Bank Index" or one of the four main sections to find out more information.