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Coach Byrd Discusses Upcoming Track Season for April 9th

Track Team Looking for More Members
On March 28th the day after a practice track meet with other District Schools, the Legacy interviewed new Varsity Head Track Coach Byrd about the upcoming season.
Who are your captains this year?
Maria Maddox ‘13 and Josue Orona-Munez ‘13
Who is your most exciting newcomer?
Halima Abdul-Wahdid ‘15 is consistent and works hard. 
I’m also impressed with Dae Hong Kim ‘16. It took heart for him to run a mile and then turn around and run the 800.
How are your numbers?
We still need to fill distance events and we need more men. We had good numbers at the beginning, but the numbers are falling off.
Who is our biggest competitor? 
Southwest and Washburn. They both have the numbers.
Who are your assistant coaches? 
Leonard Jones, Cynthia Williams, Ben Campbell (also a football coach), Ben’s Mom (Arenetta Phillips) and also the Wrestling Coach Mark Simmond. Mark Scheer is a volunteer distance running coach.
How long have you been coaching?
16 years. I was an assistant coach here eight years ago, before leaving to take the head job at Roosevelt. When Coach Hohn retired I quickly took this opportunity to come back to Henry.
What has been your biggest surprise at Henry?
The adjustment from being outside the school to being inside the school. Over here I get to see the kids more and stay on top of them.
Do you have any students who will go to State? 
There are some possibilities, but I would rather not
Coach Byrd names Halima Abdul -Wahid Most Exciting Newcomer on 2013 Patrick Henry Track Team
mention names at this time. I tell the students that they are STUDENT-athletes first and I emphasize that school always comes before practice, events, and everything else.
Do you have a coaching philosophy?
The core is the center of the Universe. I always emphasize training to strengthen the core of our athletes. We do core training sit ups, high knees, supermans, push down, crunches, and a lot of work in the weight room.
How did our team do in the trial meet on March 26th?
Boys   60
Markell Odom   7.97
Girls   60
Maria Maddox   7.10
Halimah Abdul-Wahid   8.43
Taechrisdae Feser   8.62
Sulma Morales   9.37
Jasmin Montiel   10.85
Queen Motley   9.54
Boys   1600
Dae Hong Kim    6:20.65
Nick Kester   7:02.53
Girls   400
Maria Maddox    1:10.08
Sulma Morales    1:19.08
Boys   400
Josue Orona-Munez   1:03.6
Boys 800
Dae Hong Kim   2:50.37
Girls   800
Ana   Contreras  3:42.08
Ariana Cruz    3:25.50
Jasmin Montiel   4:04.38
Boys   165
Markell Odom 19.6
Josue Orona-Munoz   20.1.
Girls 165
Halimah Abdul-Wahid    22.16
Taechrisdae Feser     22.73
Queen Notley   25.37
Discuss and Shot Put
No distances recorded, but Kelsey Bocek finished third place overall.