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College Planning Resources

College Search tools

    Sponsored by Princeton Review. Look under “college”, then “search for a college”
    Sponsored by Peterson’s—includes excellent general search but also specific searches for visual and performing arts, culinary, nursing, etc.
    Excellent search engine—hotlinks right to the schools that interest you—has on-line applications--customized Internet admissions applications built for over 1500 colleges and universities. When applying to more than one program, you save redundant typing since common data automatically travels from form to form.

College Application Websites

  • Apply! 
    Download free software for applications to more than 500 U.S. colleges and universities. The site also includes tips that will make the admission process less stressful, and help you find financial aid.
    Common Application is used by over 315 colleges and universities. You can fill out common application and submit online or you can download forms. Also has most school supplements. 

College Essay Websites

  • Essay Edge
    This commercial site offers to assist students with writing essays for college applications. It also offers free access to admissions essays accepted by top colleges. 
  • The Essay Wizard 
    This commercial site is rich in free information that a student should consider in writing an essay for a college application and offers suggestions and strategies, as well as suggesting other books to read. 
  • The Personal Statement
    Site from the University of California - Berkley walks a student through the process to follow to compose an exemplary personal statement as part of the college application process.
  • Ivy Edge 
    This commercial site offers to help you edit your college application essays for a fee. However, this part of their site has helpful free guides to writing essays and applying to colleges that may be downloaded for free. 

Athletic Information Websites
You will first register for the NCAA Clearinghouse after your junior year final grades are recorded.  Be wary of organizations that will promise to find a student a sports scholarship. The only athletic divisions that give scholarships have very clear academic ACT/SAT guidelines. Work with your counselor to determine your eligibility and the process for registering with the NCAA.

  • Link Athletic 
    Link to over 13,000 web sites for men's and women's athletics programs at universities. Organized by sport/gender/state. 
  • NCAA 
    This site contains much valuable information for the potential college athlete including eligibility requirements for Division 1, 2, & 3 schools.
  • NCJAA 
    The National Junior College Athletic Association provides opportunities for student-athletes to continue their athletic careers.

General Information Websites

  • 2010 Colleges 
    The 2010 Colleges, Universities and Scholarships Page is designed to offer college-bound students, parents, and counselors easy access to information on colleges and universities throughout the United States, free scholarship and financial aid searches, SAT and ACT test preparation tips, and more. 
  • ACT 
    Information and registration for ACT, financial need estimator, etc. 
  • Campus Tours 
    The Campus Tours Index provides fast and easy access to interactive tours of colleges across the United States. 
  • The Center for All Collegiate Information 
    Mega page with links to college information sites; department sites;student, graduate and faculty sites; sports sites, and collegiate organization sites. 
  • Choosing and Using Your Major 
    Site from the University of Virginia has sound advice on choosing your major. Includes separating myth from fact, strategies for choosing a major, and evaluating the majors/ careers you are considering. 
  • College Board   (SAT test site)
    Students, parents, & counselors will find a comprehensive menu of information to aid in the transition to college. Includes EXPAN - for free - college, career & financial aid database Includes SAT and AP (Advanced Placement) testing information and registration.
  • College Coach 
    Information on preparing quality college applications including : getting organized, online applications, the Common Application, Early Admission Programs, getting great recommendations, writing college essays, and preparing for interviews. 
  • College is Possible 
    This comprehensive site sponsored by a coalition of universities contains information on selecting a college, application process, and financial aid. 
  • College Mom Advice 
    Written by moms (OK dads too) who have experienced the pursuit of the college adventure with their teenagers. Topics covered will relate to high school, getting ready for and college activities
  • College Planning Center 
    A complete college planning and preparation site. It includes planning calendars, financial aid summary notes, downloadable application forms, and links to a product engine to customize your financial aid package. 
  • College Prep 101 
    This on line course is intended to provide high school students with the information they will need to decide on attending college. Included in the lessons is information to help with college preparation, selecting a college, easing the transition to college, and managing the changes in life which occur during college. 
  • FairTest
    Site run by National Center for Fair and Open Testing. University section includes latest on college testing and list of schools that do not use standardized tests as part of application process.
  • How College Admissions Works 
    The admissions director of Duke University gives real life examples of how the admissions process works. (especially good for students applying to select colleges and universities)
  • My College Guide 
    This site has a college search section as well as articles about admissions, getting money for college, and doing well once you are admitted. 
  • Preparing Your Child for College 
    This site produced by the US Department of Education explains the benefits of a college education and about ways to put college within reach academically and financially. Throughout their school years, students make academic and other decisions that affect whether they will be eligible to enter college. 
  • The Princeton Review 
    The Princeton Review helps people find and get into the right college or other school. They have great resources to help with testing, admissions, financial aid etc. 
    U.S. Government - wide initiative to deliver electronic services from government agencies and organizations to post secondary students. The site has links for information on: planning and paying for your education, internships, community service, career development, and military service.
  • U.S. Department of Education
    Search for the college that's right for you by geographic region, state, city, type, major, or Title IV eligibility. 
  • What Can I Do With a Major In? 
    Site from the University of North Carolina links career to the majors available on campus.
  • Budgeting 101 wants graduating students to know how to manage finances independently, whether students are enrolling right into a post-secondary instiutation or going straight into the job market.  This site has helpway ways to track monthly income and expense, a step-by-step budgeting guide broken down by common expenses, budgeting tools, and other tips for saving money.