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Neighborhood Mapping Project
Here are the Instructions for the Neighborhood Mapping Project

Click here to see the sample presentation that Ms. Tourtelotte created.

Remember: Right now you should be working on deciding what you will be writing in your presentation.  Use all the links below to do your research.

Once you are ready to do your Power Point presentation, here is a blank one you can use it if is helpful.  When you open it, save it to your computer or flash drive and then you can add to and edit it.

Follow this links to research your neighborhood

A.  Find your house.  Type in your address and see your house the following ways:

Google Maps:

Google Street View:

Google Satellite:

Property Map:

Oblique Arial Maps :



B.  Find your neighborhood and learn about your neighborhood

Minneapolis Neighborhoods:

Neighborhood Profiles:

Minneapolis Street Map:



C. Find out what your zip code area is

Zip Code Map:



D. Find out what's in your neighborhood

Minneapolis Park Map:

Zoning Maps:

Minneapolis Land Use Map:



F. Find out about crime and safety in your neighborhood

School District Maps:

Crime Maps:

Shots Fired Maps:

Level Three Sex Offender Search by Zip Code:

Pedestrian Crashes:

Alcohol-related traffic injuries and fatalities:



G. Find out how people get to and from your neighborhood and around it:

Minneapolis Bicycle Map:

Metro Transit Map:

Minneapolis Street Map:

Metro Highway Map:


H. Find out about hazards in your neighborhood

MAC Flight Tracker and Airport Noise Map:

Pollution Control Agency Maps:

FEMA Flood Maps:

Air Emission Complaints in Minneapolis:



I. Find out who lives in your neighborhood and compare your neighborhood statistics to the city's statistics

Zip Code and City Demographics: