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Engineering Literacy 9 Syllabus
Literacy is skill using printed information.

-Printed information includes words, numbers, charts, graphs, diagrams, maps, pictures, photographs, illustrations, cartoons, etc.
-Using printed information includes recognizing, reading, following, interpreting, and understanding it; literacy also includes creating printed information, such as doing one’s own original writing or diagramming.
-Success in school is dependent upon and determined by literacy, or the amount of skill a person has using and creating printed information.

Engineering Literacy will be a class that directly supports students in the literacy tasks for four of their other classes: Engineering, English, Science, and Social Studies. Directly support means that in Literacy class the teacher will introduce, work through, and review, all the very same tasks that require literacy which students are given in these other four classes. The idea is that if students are taught all things twice, they will be twice as likely to successfully learn, understand, and remember these things.
For example, new vocabulary that must be learned in any of these other classes will also be taught in Literacy, so that students will be taught all new vocabulary twice. Also, readings from textbooks or of handouts assigned in these other classes, will be read aloud, explained, and discussed in Literacy, again so that students will do all reading twice, hear two explanations, and get two chances to ask questions and participate in discussions.

Writing will also be taught in Literacy. Writing assignments that students have for their other classes will often be worked on and completed in Literacy.
One day each week will be devoted to each of the other four classes. There will be an Engineering day, an English day, a Geography day, and a Science day. The fifth day each week will be used as needed for one or another of these classes, so that each week two days will be spent doing work for just one class.

Required Supplies

-Students must have a notebook that is used for Literacy class only. This notebook will remain in the Literacy classroom at all times.
-Students must have something to write with every day, either a pencil or a pen.


-Notes will be taken and other written work will be done every day in Literacy. All of this will be written in students’ Literacy notebooks. Regular notebook checks will be conducted, and will count toward students’ grades.
-There will be at least biweekly quizzes on the vocabulary and other content from the other four classes.
-Some assignments for other classes, such as writing assignments, which are worked on in Literacy, will count toward students’ grades in Literacy.

Literacy is skill using printed information.