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Cultural Relevant Tools for Teaching, Educating, and Advancing

Cultural Relevant Tools for Teaching, Educating, and Advancing – Schooling as a Ritual Performance

January 27th, 2016

I would like to start this off with a quote by Willard Waller in his book The Sociology of Teaching:  (see Quote below as attachment)

Peter McLaren writes about the struggle of today’s educational system as it pertains to conformity in school settings. This is highly explained in his book Schooling as a Ritual Performance. As we think about the second half of the school year; preparing for standardized testing, ACT/SAT, and all the other bench marks as educators that we must reach, how do we hold true to creating an schooling experience that encompasses the art of real authentic learning. Furthermore, how have you and your scholars in each and every one of your classes defined authentic learning? Education can be used in two ways; as a tool of social control or a tool of liberation. How are you using education today?


Cultural Relevant Tools for Teaching, Educating, and Advancing – A Letter to Teachers and Educators

January 13th, 2016

 We want to focus on an insert from The Sea is so Wide and My Boat is so Small: Charting a Course for the Next Generation by Marian Wright Edelman.  In this book Mrs. Edelman writes to different audiences about the need for reform in education. This particular insert is the letter that she wrote to teachers and educators (see attachment). However, Lets focus specifically on the information she closes the letter with. She give 16 ways that teachers and educators should approach teaching and the educating of our scholars.

I recommend that teachers and adults ponder some of the great poet-teacher Gabriela Mistral’s wisdom and sense of mission about educating children:                   

  1. “Everything for the school; very little for ourselves.”
  2. “Teach always, in the courtyard and on the street, as if they were the classroom. Teach with your demeanor, expressions, and words.”
  3. “Live the beautiful theories,. Live with kindness, energy, and professional integrity.”
  4. “Brighten your lessons with beautiful words, with a pertinent story, and relate each piece of knowledge to real life.”
  5. “If we don’t achieve equality  and culture in the school, where else can such things be required.”
  6. “A teacher who does not read has to be a bad teacher. She’s reduces her job to mechanical functions, by not reviewing herself spiritually.”
  7. “Better an illiterate person should teach, than that a dishonest or unjust person should teach.”
  8. “You should be worthy of your job every day. Occasional successes and exertions are not enough.”
  9. “All the vices and meanness of a community are the vices of its teachers.”
  10. “There is no need to fear correction. A fearful teacher is the worst teacher.”
  11. “Everything can be expressed so long as it’s presented properly. Even the harshest reprimand can be made without humiliating or poisoning a soul.”
  12. “It’s an intolerable breach of instruction to teach facts without teaching how to learn.”
  13. “In the progress of the discreditation of a school we all have a part.”
  14. “The fingers of a potter should be firm and soft and loving, all at the same time.”
  15. “All effort that is not sustained is lost.”
  16. “It’s vital to consider the school not as only one person’s house, but as everyone’s house.”