Read about why we celebrate Black History!  (see the link below)  It was the vision of Carter G. Woodson, the author of  The Mis-Education of the Negro. This important book inspired Black Americans to take charge of their learning and embrace their black history.  From Woodson's book thesis emerged a week of celebration, later to become a month to celebrate the achievements of people of African descent!  On the IB Learner Profile Trait, this forward thinker, Carter G. Woodson, encouraged others to be OPEN-MINDED by 'understanding and appreciating their own culture and personal histories...'.



Do you like music? Here is a list of amazing musicians that represent the Francophone world!  These composers would appear under the IB Trait BALANCED ("understanding of the importance of intellectual and emotional balance to achieve personal well-being for themselves and others."-IB Learner Profile). Because of their ability to create, compose and conduct music, they created something beautiful and shared it with the world! Click into a link below and listen to some incredible music!

http://chevalierdesaintgeorges.homestead.com/Page1.html (LE CHEVALIER DE SAINT GEORGES-Afro-French Composer, Violinist & Conductor, France's Best Fencer & Colonel of the Black Legion)

http://chevalierdesaintgeorges.homestead.com/Lamothe.html (LUDOVIC LAMOTHE-Haitian Composer & Pianist, "A Black Chopin")

http://chevalierdesaintgeorges.homestead.com/Dede.html (EDMOND DEDE-African-American Composer, Violinist and Conductor)

http://chevalierdesaintgeorges.homestead.com/Dett.html (NATHANIEL DETT-African-American (Canadian born) Pianist and Choral Director)

http://chevalierdesaintgeorges.homestead.com/Elie.html (JUSTIN ELIE-Haitian born Composer & Pianist)

http://chevalierdesaintgeorges.homestead.com/Lambertjr.html (LUCIEN-LEON GUILLAUME LAMBERT-Afro-French Composer & Pianist)

http://chevalierdesaintgeorges.homestead.com/Jeanty.html (JEANTY OCCIDE-Haitian born Composer, Pianist, & Musical Director)

http://chevalierdesaintgeorges.homestead.com/Racine.html (JULIO RACINE-Haitian Composer, Arranger & Flutist)


http://africa.si.edu/ (NATIONAL MUSEUM OF AFRICAN ART/NMAFA/-at the Smithsonian-(JOHNETTA BETSCH COLE- Director of the Smithsonian African-American Museum and former President of Spelman College!)

http://newsdesk.si.edu/photos/johnnetta-cole-director-national-museum-african-art (JOHNETTA BETSCH COLE- Director of the Smithsonian African-American Museum and former President of Spelman College!)

http://africa.si.edu/exhibits/haiti/index.html (NMAFA Exhibit-THE HEALING POWER OF ART: Works of art by Haitian children after the earthquake)

 http://www.a-r-t.com/lawrence/LouvertureWeb/index.htm#portfolio (JACOB LAWRENCE-African-American Painter who painted about the Haitian Revolution in hisToussaint L'Ouverture Series)

http://basquiat.com/  (JEAN-MICHEL BASQUIAT-Haitian American painter)



Did you know that Black History is not limited to the American shores? I have compiled a list of significant people that in some way have a French connection.  Whether it is history, music, literature, politics etc, there are noted individuals of African descent that have been pioneers in some way.  Continue your IB Learning in the area of KNOWLEDGE and explore your global understanding 'across a range of disciplines' and learn something new! Take a look at the slideshow and read the Wikipedia facts about each person below.

PDF GEORGE BONGA   --  was a fur trader of African American and Native American descent who was one of the first African American descent born in what is now Minnesota.
PDF TOUSSAINT L'OUVERTURE   --  Leader of the Haitian Revolution under French Colonial Rule.
PDF FRANTZ FANON   --  wrote"Black Skin,White Masks", an analysis of the psychological effects of being Black.
PDF LEOPOLD SEGAR SENGHOR   --  First President of the Republic of Senegal
PDF AIME CESAIRE   --  Wrote Discours sur le colonialisme,a denunciation of European colonial racism, decadence, and hypocrisy that was republished in the French review Présence Africaine
PDF JEAN BAPTIST POINT DU SABLE   --  Founder of the City "Chicago"
PDF LOUIS MOREAU GOTTSCHALK   --  Creole-American Composer, known for Romantic Piano compositions.
PDF MARIAMA BA   --  Wrote "Une Si Longue Lettre",an account on the contributions African women have made in the development and building of their societies.
document SIMONE SCHWARZ-BART   --  Wrote Pluie et Vent sur Telumée Miracle (The Bridge of Beyond)
PDF MARYSE CONDE   --  Guadeloupean writer, wrote Heremakhonon and many other novels.
PDF FREDERICK DOUGLASS   --  Ambassador to Haiti
PDF JEAN-MICHEL BASQUIAT   --  Haitian-American;Graffiti artist turned Neo-expressionist painter
PDF SURYA BONALY   --  French Professional Figure Skater
PDF HAITI   --  First black-led republic in the world when it gained independence as part of a successful slave revolution in 1804.
PDF SAINT-DOMINGUE   --  was a French colony on the Caribbean island of Hispaniola from 1659 to 1804, until the Haitian Revolt and it became the independent nation of Haiti.
PDF GARCELLE BEAUVAIS   --  Haitian-American actress who portrayed Francesca 'Fancy' Monroe from The Jamie Foxx Show; former fashion model.
PDF ALEXANDRE DUMAS   --  Author of The Count of Monte Cristo, The Three Musketeers; grandson of a French nobleman and a Haitian slave woman.