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"Go To" Bus Card Distribution Tuesday, August 22nd


GoTo Card Eligibility –

Students must qualify for a GoTo Card.  There are a few ways that students are eligible to receive a GoTo card.  First, if a student lives outside of the “walk zone” (a safe route to school determined by the district transportation office which is less than two miles) he or she is eligible to receive a GoTo card.   Any student who lives outside the “walk zone” is eligible for a GoTo card.  Second, a student is eligible to receive a GoTo card if his or her family qualifies for free or reduced lunch even if he or she lives within the “walk zone”.  We are  not able to give a free/reduced student a GoTo card until his or her lunch form has been processed.  Students who live within the “walk zone” and do not qualify for free/reduced lunch have the opportunity to purchase a GoTo card for $75 per quarter.