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Government and the Economy

Public Goods are clearly defined in this Planet Money Podcast.

Does government regulation kill jobs?  

Text messaging while driving in Minnesota is illegal.  How is this an example of an externality?  

How did China change from a Command to a Market economy?  This story has the answer and it has to do with property rights.

How does the Federal Reserve stabilize the economy with monetary policy?  

Should Congress and the President let the Bush tax cuts expire?  This is an example of fiscal policy.  

What is the Buffett Rule?

Click here for the Ed Lotterman article entitled "Liquor-law reports sobering."

Can Monopoly the game teach us about monopolies in real life?

The Patent, Used as a Sword from the New York Times.  Or, if you prefer, who's suing who? 

Can you patent a steak?

This article gives several reasons why patents are a bad thing.