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Mr. Hofmann at First Avenue

I am so happy to join the staff at Patrick Henry High School again this year!

I come to Henry with over 20 years of teaching experience in Minneapolis.

I earned my under graduate degree in Music Education from the University of Minneosta, with classical guitar as my principal instrument. I earned a graduated degree from the U of M in Learning Technologies.

My main instrument is guitar, but I also enjoy playing piano, percussion, accordion and bowed instruments. I am songwriter and composer. I perform mostly pop music with a backing band.





IB Middle Years Program

Guitar Syllabus

Patrick Henry High School

Instructor Contact Information

Peter Hofmann

Room #008

Phone: 668-2000 x 36735 Voice Mail: 668-8603

E-mail address:

Course Description and Objectives

This course emphasizes guitar technique and the art of guitar playing. Guitarists will work to develop their skill to be able to play alone and with others.  All class members will take turns performing during class alone at points in the course. Students will increase their knowledge of repertoire and skill in guitar in a creative and supportive setting. Guitarists may learn selections from pop, gospel, folk, traditional High School repertoire, as well as original pieces. Students will play  solo and in unison. Every day class members will develop playing, listening, analyzing and critiquing, tuning, and reading skills. Every day students tune their guitars. The class may present concerts throughout the school year. Performances will be by the whole group together. Students who wish to play solos, duets, and so on, will need to coordinate with the instructor. Students will also learn how to care for guitars, how to maintain a playable instrument and how to make minor repairs to instruments. Summative skill assessments will occur at points during the semester, usually every 3 or 4 weeks. There will also be written tests.

All class members are expected demonstrate the attributes of the IB Learner Profile

As IB learners, we strive to be Inquirers, Open-minded, Knowledgeable, Caring, Thinkers, Risk-takers, Communicators, Balanced, Principled and Reflective.

Grading Policy

Our grading policy is standards based. We use a point-scale of 0-8 with 8 being the highest possible points earned.

Your grade is determined by the following things.

  1. Your performance during skill assessments and song assessments. Most performance assessments will be summative. These assessments occur every 2nd or 3rd week.

  2. Self reflections, reactions and other written assignments are also part of your grade. Formative first, then later on summative.

  3. Written tests

  4. Engagement assessments made each week.

This means that mindful practicing is the most important element of this class. You are expected to practice every day that you are in this class. You are expected to be positive, about yourself and everyone else. You are expected to support and encourage class members that are struggling, whether their struggle is with a skill, a part, performing or daily participation. Failure to engage may result in a zero (0).  A behavior referral and/or removal from the class will result in a zero(0) for the day.

Required Supplies

Guitar Folder : A variety of guitar scores and your packets, Pen or Pencil

Depending upon your style, you may need a guitar pick. I offer some but supply is limited


Number One! - Contribution to our class. Be here. Participate. Be kind.

Daily skills practice with the group and alone (self-paced)

Play music in unisons with others and also solo.

Warm-ups, in class notes,, activities, graded discussions, graded performances (formative).

Guitar maintenance activities

Self and Course Reflections: perceptions of various performances throughout the semester.

Genre /Artist Study

One way  we will study genres/artists is through the video reaction lessons. After a large number of videos from a large number of genres have already been shown and students have had an opportunity to react to them, genres such as Jazz, Gospel, Classical, Rock, and many other genres of music and all their sub-genres can be explored more deeply. Students may also read brief works which may  be followed by brief discussion activities.

Performances : NOTE attendance at all performances is required. Failure to attend a performance will result in a zero(0) and will negatively affect your grade. If you miss a performance, you are required to complete a written IB Learner Attribute Alternative Assignment


Various assignments.

Organization Station

An Organization Station has been set up at the entrance of the Music room. Students are expected to use this station in accordance with the Materials Protocol (see below).

Communication Plan

I will use school email as the primary method of communication. I will also call home when necessary. Contact me through your student email account if you need to communicate with me.

Tutorial Schedule: I will be available for tutorials by appointment. Most days it will be after school.

Attendance : You are expected to attend class every day. Be here. It’ll be fun.

Promptness : Be on time. Bring your learning materials. Be ready to engage!

Behavior Expectations

All are expected to honor the Patriot Pledge

I will respect myself and others

I will do my personal best

I will make good decisions

I will honor myself, my school, my family, and my community

I will pursue the college and career of my choice

In order for our class to function properly and in good health, there are basic behaviors necessary: Be Safe, Be Kind, Be Fair, Be Honest, Be on time and bring your materials

Sit in your assigned seat and remain seated unless you have permission to move around

Follow instructions, Raise your hand to ask questions or share information. Keep your body to yourself. We will maintain a physically and emotionally safe classroom at all times.

The Music Room has specific protocols that all will need to abide.

Listening Protocol

I will listen quietly , I will listen respectfully, I will listen constructively for learning targets

Performance Protocol

I will respect the efforts of all performers including myself, I will be supportive of all performers

Materials Protocol

I will use all materials in the way instructed, I will treat all materials with respect,

I will clean up after myself, I will immediately report any damage that occurs to any materials before, during or after use, I will be responsible for my materials at all times

Food/Drink in classroom

Eating is not permitted in the classroom and students are not allowed to bring food into the room. Clear water is the ONLY beverage allowed in class. Every student has been issued a water bottle. This bottle is your responsibility. This policy also excludes candy, seeds and any other consumable product. Students with food or drink will be required to throw away the product. Behavior intervention staff will assist any student that fails to comply with this rule.

Dress Code

All students are expected to follow the dress code.

Personal Electronic Devices

All personal electronic devices are required to be put away during class time.  Every day, students are not allowed to use personal devices at any time during the class period.

Every day, all devices and accessories are to be put away for the duration of the class period.

I may give special permission for students to use personal devices, but this is on a person-by-person, case-by-case basis. Permission once means permission once and does not extend beyond that single instance. Charging personal electronic devices is forbidden in 008.

Failure to comply with the rule will result in consequences that include:

*Having your device locked in my cabinet for the duration of the class

*Having your device confiscated by a Behavior Interventionist.

*Requiring a parent or guardian to come to Henry School to retrieve the device.

Please, let us avoid these consequences.

Guitar Loaning

Under certain circumstances students may be able to borrow a guitar to take home. In order to borrow a guitar, students and parents/guardians need to sign a contract. The contract will be explained during class time.