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Gymnastics Preview by Coach Guzman Meyering for December 7th

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GIRLS GYMNASTICS: Edison Henry North HS Co-Op Team 2012-2013 by Coach Cassandra Guzman Meyering
Key newcomers?
We are very fortunate to have a lot of new girls this season—many that have made the successful transition from Park and Rec Team Gymnastics at Audubon Park to HS with our Team. All of these young ladies have at least 2-4 years experience and will all be key players for the various events.

Our Captains this year were chosen based on experience, leadership and also the fact that we are a very young team and do not have many upperclassmen! Emily Anderson is a 4th year Gymnast who competes JV and Varsity for all events and specializes on the Uneven Bars. Mollie Hinderaker is a 3rd year Gymnast who also competes JV and Varsity for all events and specializes on Vault. Both of these young women are mature, do well in school and have the capacity to support the team and keep us going strong. Emily is looking forward to learning a few new tricks on the Bars and finally conquering her handsprings on Floor Exercise. Mollie is learning how to twist certain skills off the Vault, Beam and the Uneven Bars. I am confident that both ladies will do well and will repeat or better their places in the JV and Varsity Conference Meets (Emily placed 6th on Floor Ex for JV and Mollie placed 10th AA (all around/all events) for Varsity last season.).

Best player who does it all?
It is difficult to name one person in this sport that is good at everything since there are four events and they are all completely different. I consider all of my gymnasts to be key in certain areas with some excelling in one event, others in two to three. However, I would say Hailey Daher (7th grade) is looking to be a standout for the Team for AA (All Around/All Events). She has started the season with tucks on Floor, off Beam and Bars and a good handspring on Vault. Hailey has been scoring in the 5-7 point range, except for Bars, but will probably continue to climb as she gains experience and learns to perfect these difficult skills.

How did your team fare in competition last year?
While we did not win any meets, we did so much better last season than in any season past in the six years that I have been coaching. We broke 80 points a few times, which was something that had been holding us back in the past. We also did exceptionally well at Conference meets and placed three different girls: Jessie Evans placed 10th JV Floor Ex, Emily Anderson placed 6th JV Floor Ex and Mollie Hinderaker placed 10th AA Varsity. We had full JV and Varsity line ups for the majority of the meets whereas in years past, we could barely fill the Varsity squad. As far as skills go, we had girls doing flyaways off Bars, tucks and twists off Balance Beam and handsprings on Floor Exercise. We also had every gymnast on the team competing a front handspring Vault for the first time in years.

How do you expect to fare this year?
I believe we will have the best season yet. We have already scored higher and/or consistent with last year’s scores in the past two meets and now that we have a couple competitions under our belts, we should only go up in points. Our JV won a meet this past Wednesday by 9.3 points—a great success with so many newcomers and lots of illness and injury plaguing the team right now. I know the girls will push themselves harder than ever to become a recognized force this season.
Greatest competitors in conference?
Last season we joined conferences with St. Paul (Johnson, Como Park, Highland Park and Central HS) and now compete in Quad meets that have two duals at one time. In our own conference, Minneapolis, South/Roosevelt is the team to beat, but overall, Highland Park HS is the best in the combined conference.

Any stories of team or individual inspiration?
This season we had several of our former gymnasts quit the team the first week and several girls that tried out also quit. This is not only frustrating and sad, but it takes a toll on the team spirit and continuity. We lost our practice space to a new Weight Room/Cardio Fitness area and now have to set up and tear down every single day. This is time consuming and also physically exhausting. We have done exceptionally well given these circumstances and we are so much stronger because of them. My teams have always persevered in the face of adversity and this year’s team is no different.

How long have you coached at Patrick Henry?
This is going into my 7th year as a Coach for Edison Henry North Gymnastics. I did 2 years as an assistant coach with Peter Sovell (Head Coach) and Michelle Frank (Asst. Coach) and then took over for Mr. Sovell my 3rd year with the team. I also have 10 years of experience coaching and teaching with the St. Paul and Minneapolis Park and Recreation Boards and now am mostly at Audubon Park in NE Minneapolis where I have classes for boys and girls 2-14 years and a competitive team (8-14 yrs) that also practices at Edison HS.

Who are your assistant coaches?
This year Michelle Frank is no longer with us which has been difficult as she has been coaching at Edison since she was on the team in high school! While that was quite a shock and a setback—we were fortunate enough to gain a new Assistant Coach with a lot of experience competing for Club and High School Teams and also coaching. Caroline Olson is our new Asst. Coach and has been a fantastic new addition over the past month and a half. She is young and energetic and just what the girls needed to get moving in a new direction. Caroline is only 20 years old, but coached with me at Audubon Park for 3 years and is now leading Longfellow Park’s Gymnastics Program. She also competed for clubs when she was younger, then did Diving and Gymnastics at South High School.

ROSTER 2012-2013
1.Emily Anderson 12 Henry
2.Mollie Hinderaker 11 Edison
3.Jessie Evans 10 Henry
4.Taquilla Martin 10 Henry
5.Raberda Heflin 10 Henry
6.Shawney Collett 9 Edison
7.Emilie Zibble 9 Edison
8.Erika Sacta 9 Edison
9.Olga Oliver 8
10. Michelle Reyes 8
11. Hailey Daher 7
12. Maisie Simpson 7
13. Morgan Korsmo 7
14. Allison Moen 7
Student Managers: Jordan Stoll and Colin Pressler
Coaches: Cassandra Guzmán Meyering (Head Coach) and Caroline Olson (Asst. Coach)