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HIRED is results-oriented, community based, collaborative and responsive to worker and employer needs. HIRED can help students with:

Career Assessment
A variety of tools are used to assess the skills, abilities, interest, and values of program participants and determine how they can be best utilized in the labor force.

Individual Employment
HIRED’s services are individualized for each program participant through the development of an individual employment plan. The plan outlines the participant’s goals and the method of achieving them.

Career Exploration
Worksite tours, labor market information resources, internships, job clubs, and workshops are offered to all program participants to help them learn about the responsibilities, working conditions, opportunities for advancement, and training requirements of specific career fields.

Support Services
HIRED counselors help participants access needed support services to address personal or family issues that impact one’s ability to obtain and retain employment. Participants may be referred to other community agencies for assistance with housing, childcare, health care, chemical dependency treatment, or other needs.

Subsidized and unsubsidized short-term work opportunities are available to help program participants explore career areas, gain work experience, and develop employment skills. Internships are customized to meet the needs of the employer and job seeker.

Job Search Assistance
Employment counselor assist participants to identify suitable job openings, apply for, and obtain jobs.