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National History Day Competition

For more infomration and resources to help you with your proejct, be sure to check out the MN History Center's page! 

Your History Project will have Three Key Components to it: 

  • 1. Annotated Bibliography (We will be using Easy Bib in class to help with this process)

    Annotated Bibliographies

    Annotated Bibliographies, often known as ABs or Annotated Bibs, are not as complicated as one might assume. The AB is simply a list of all the sources you used and how you have used them throughout your project. You shuld include two different sections on your annotated bibliogray: Primary Sources and Secondary Sources. History Day is very particular about what format you should use. We need to make sure that all of our sources are cited using MLA Style. 


    • Primary and Secondary Sources

      Quality sources are the key to a successful research project. Our History Day annotated bibliographies need to be separated into primary and secondary sources. There are so many great websites out there to help guide your search. Sure, start with a Google search, but if you limit yourself to just this search engine, you’ll find that you are missing a treasure trove of valuable information. Remember though, just because you saw it in Google, does not automatically make it a great quality source.

      REMEMBER... use different search terms to maximize your potential. Don’t forget to ask your social studies teacher for assistance.

  • 2. Process Paper

    Process Paper

    A process paper is a very important part of your History Day project and students who are competing in the Capitol Hill Competition must have one. The process paper is the judges first impression about your project and also serves as a reflection about your project as a whole. There are several components that must be included in the process paper:



    2. Your project! 


History Day