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你好! 欢迎来参观我的网址!
Lín lǎo shī 林老师 (Ms. Hopkins)
Here I am in my office in China where I taught English for several years.

nǐ hǎo huān yíng lái cān guān wǒ de wǎng zhǐ

Hi! Welcome to my website!


wǒ shì lín lǎo shī      wǒ jiāo dì yī nián de zhōng wén

I am Dr. Hopkins (Lín lǎo shī). I teach first-year Chinese at Henry. 


My name:

My name is Dr. Hopkins, but in Chinese class you will call me “Teacher Lín” or “Lín lǎo shī.” “Lín” is the surname I chose for myself in Chinese and “lǎo shī” means teacher. Students in China always address their teachers by last name plus “teacher.” It sounds strange in English, but this is one part of Chinese culture that you will use every day.  

The course:

Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year.  In this course, you will learn some basic phrases in Chinese, such as how to greet somebody, how to talk about your family, how to count in Chinese, how to order food in a restaurant, and how to give advice to a friend about how to live a healthy lifestyle. You will learn vocabulary for days of the week, months, daily activities, sports, food, and animals. You will also learn about Chinese culture, geography, history, and customs.


I expect you to participate fully in class activities. Come prepared to learn, participate, and speak Chinese. Bring your materials to class. No electronics (i.e., cell phone, iPods, etc.) will be tolerated in this class! Set aside some time every evening to study Chinese. Constant review of key vocabulary is the best way to succeed at this language.

A little bit about me:

I taught English in China for a total of three years: one year in Nanjing, one year in Chengdu, and one year in Taipei, Taiwan.  I also taught English in Japan (two years) and Egypt (two years).  In addition, I lived in the country of Qatar in the Middle East for three years.  I have traveled to many different countries in Asia, the Middle East, and Europe.  Languages are my passion!  I speak Chinese, Spanish, French, Egyptian Arabic, Farsi, and some Italian and Japanese. I have a Master’s degree in Teaching English as a Foreign Language from the American University in Cairo and a Ph.D. in adult education from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I have worked in the fields of publishing, assessment, and foreign language education. In my free time, I like to go for walks and bike rides, watch Chinese TV dramas, and play the accordion!

How to contact me:

I look forward to a great year of learning about China, Chinese culture, and the Chinese language with you.  Click on the links for more information about me, this course, and learning Chinese.  Please contact me with any questions by email at:

林老师在中国 (Lín lǎoshī in China)

Here are some photos from China where I taught English as a Second Language for several years.