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Latin American Independence

For a great article on Jose de San Martin, click here by Jason Vandiver.  Also be sure to try this one too by Dr. Antonio Rafeal de la Cova.  

For a great article on Bernardo O'Higgins, click here  by Charlene Richardson or try this one by Dr. Antonio Rafeal de la Cova.

An article on Simon Bolivar can be found here by Dr. Antonio Rafeal de la Cova. 

In order to compare and contrast Washington, Jefferson, and Adams click here.  The Washington article is written by Stephen Knott, the Jefferson article is by Peter Onuf, and the Admas article is by C. James Taylor. 

Click here to get a better understanding of Mexican Independence.


 Click on this link to read more about Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez exhuming the body of Simon Bolivar to discover whether or not he was murdered.