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Ms. Lohse's Lessons

02/13/17 Ms. Harder's Class

Accidental Plagiarism

Citation Games


11/10/16 Evaluating Resources- Ms. Rocca's class and
02/01/17 Ms. Harder's class 

Evaluating Resources Chart

CRAAP Test handout

Flipmequiz on Evaluating Reliability of Resources and the CRAAP test


5/23/16   MLA Citations- Ms. Lussier's class

                         Flipquiz Game Board- Citations

                         Citation Puzzles- Google Pres

5/6/16     Introduction to Research: Finding and Evaluating Sources AND Research and Academic Integrity (Citations)

                          Flipquiz Game Board

10/1/15   Presentaton to Mr. Czarnezki's class on Finding and Citing Resources in Research and
                                                                                      Electronic Library for Minnesota
                                                                                      Tutorial for Academic Research Premier
                                                                                      Other tutorials and Guides for ELM

5/5/15    Urban Geo Websites
Students record your website URL HERE. 

4/29/15 Presentation to IBCP Students on Finding and Citing Resources in Research