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The Legacy
Mayor Visits Patrick Henry on January 25th

Mayor Rybak returned to Patrick Henry on Friday, January 25th during 6th period (1:15 – 2:05) to talk with approximately 325 9th grade students about the Minneapolis Promise in the Auditorium.  It makes the eleventh year in a row that Mayor Rybak has visited Patrick Henry to speak to his proudest achievement while in Office-- the Minneapolis Promise, a collection of opportunities with Career and College Center counseling, Step Up Jobs, and College Scholarships.
The Mayor began his presentation by asking three questions:
  1. How many of you speak a foreign language?  (Every hand was raised)
  2. How many of you were born in a different country?  (Several hands were raised)
  3. How many of you know someone who was born in a different country?  (All hands were raised)

Mayor Rybak analyzed the results of his quick poll and announced that this class of freshmen, Patrick Henry's Class of 2016 was Patrick Henry's top class of all time because of its diversity and its connection, understanding, and appreciation of the global community.  "Our business community's number one concern right now is how to develop relationships with new markets--markets all around the world and you students have a head start on understanding."  The Mayor called Patrick Henry a great school because of high test scores as analyzed and recorded by national publications, but especially because it gives our diverse student body a head start onto connecting to the global community.

Lasty the Mayor stated that again, Patrick Henry leads the way with the number of Step Up Applications that have been submitted and then reminded ALL students to submit their Application at this time. 

Mayor Visits Patrick Henry on January 25th