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 Syllabus – French Level One

Madame Gaelle Berg

Patrick Henry H.S.

Class periods – 1, 2, 3


Standards Goals:

·         Communicate in French

Students function in a variety of practical settings using listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills as well as knowledge of French cultures.

·         Understand other cultures

Students demonstrate an understanding of traditions, customs, beliefs, and cultural contributions and how these elements relate to language.

·         Connect with other disciplines and acquire information

Students connect information about the language and cultures they are learning with concepts studied in other subject areas.

·         Develop insight into their own language and culture

Through study of language and culture, students recognize, compare, and contrast language concepts as well as cultural perspectives, practices, and products.

·         Participate in the global community

Students use French to communicate with other French speakers, both at home and around the world, to improve their own communication skills and to enhance their view of themselves as citizens of the world.


Materials needed:  Students need to bring to class a notebook for French, pen or pencil, and a pocket-folder or three-ring binder to keep class papers and handouts.  The class notebook will be checked periodically for notes on vocabulary and class discussions.


Assessments: Students will be assessed formally and informally through a variety of means, including quizzes, tests, projects, and presentations. These assessments will measure language learning in listening, speaking, writing, and reading. Performance assessments will be used throughout the year and are rated using rubrics developed by foreign language teachers.


Attendance:  It’s very important that students attend every day and be on time to class.  Language is learned through listening and participating in the lessons.  If a student misses class, it is difficult to make up the learning, as most of the class work is interactive and dynamic, and active.  We will be writing our own class stories based on vocabulary learned in class.  We will be reading short texts, and writing our own.  The textbook, Bien Dit, is used as a guide, but not the script, so students cannot just do “book work” to make up learning.


Homework:  Homework will be given two-three times a week.  Students should record the assignments in their French notebook or school planner and turn them in on time. 


Class participation:  Class participation is key to practicing communication skills and developing language proficiency. Students should participate actively in whole class and small group activities, listen, be engaged, speak French during class, and come prepared to class, and enjoy learning.

Grading:  Students grades are based on demonstrating proficiency in listening comprehension, reading, speaking, and writing, which will be graded on a 4-point rubric for tests, quizzes, and presentations. Participation will be self-assessed, and validated by the teacher.

Approximate percentages for grading:


·         Proficiency-based assessments or presentations = 30%

·         Tests = 20%

·         Quizzes = 20%

·         Homework = 10%

·         Class Participation = 20%


Extra help: I teach three classes in the morning at Patrick Henry.  If extra-help is needed, the student should talk to me before or after class to arrange help as needed.  Students or parents can contact me by email at:


I’m very happy to be teaching French to your students!  Bonne rentrée!  Bienvenus à la classe de français!                      




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