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Use this form to submit your listening assignment assessments.  You may use this form to submit 2 extra credit assessments per quarter, the first is my choice of listening and second is your choice.


This is the form for summer listening.

E-Mail Address 
Date and Place of Concert or Listening 
Title of piece and composer 
Name of artist(s) or groups performing 
List five things you noticed first about the music 
Comment specifically about the sounds you hear 
Hint: Types of instruments, range, how many, how often, what combinations
Comment specifically about the harmony used 
Hint: Tonality - major/minor/modal/other, texture, linear or vertical, what _______phony.
Comment specifically about the melody 
Comment specifically about the rhythm 
What happens as the piece grows and develops 
Hint: identify changes in form, instrumentation, texture, melody, harmony, rhythm, tonality...
Share everything you can about the composer 
Hint: When did s/he live? what style did they compsoe in? were they ahead, behind, even with their time, where did they live, who influneced them?