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MYP Units



Topic & Unit


Key Concepts


Statement of Inquiry


Global Contexts



CPM Unit 1: Angles & Lines

Measurement & Systems




Understanding the form of a system can help us discover new uses for that system.



Scientific and Technical Innovation


CPM Unit 2: Triangles

Change, Equivalence, & Patterns






Interpreting patterns in the real world can help in understanding relationships.


Orientation in Space and Time


CPM Unit 3: Proof & Quadrilaterals

Generalization & Justification





Logic is a powerful tool for justifying what we discover through measurement and observation.



Scientific and Technical Innovation.



CPM Unit 4: Polygons and Circles

Representation & Space




Relationships between polygons and circles allow us to make good use of our space.



Orientation in Space and Time


CPM Unit 5: Solids

Model & Quantity




The use of space reflects our values.


Globalization and Sustainability