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PHHS Winter Concert Series: Dec.8th & 9th


More about the concert series:
The annual winter concert is coming to Patrick Henry High School Thursday, December 8th from 7:00-8:30 P.M.  There will be a wide variety of music performed, from Jazz to Eastern European folk music, to American Classics like Over the Rainbow.
There have been many things that have inspired our young musicians. For Lindsy Fatze, it is the emotion that tells the story, that it is a safe place to express emotion through music. For Keaton Clarke, it is about personal style and being able to express his personal style in music. Breanna Jensen, said that what inspires her is how well the sound works together to create a whole piece of music. These students and many more will be using this inspiration when they play in the concert.
Many of the students and staff that were interviewed picked solanic dances, an Eastern European Piece, as their favorite piece of music. They said that it shows the diversity and ethnic feel of folk music. Liz Roth said that it was one of her favorites because you can tell that it came from the heart of the people. Keaton picked as his favorite the Jazz section of the concert, because he said that Jazz allows students to show their individual talent and to tell a story through music.
The Winter Concert also brings home the concept of Phamily, here at Patrick Henry High School. The students said that the music brings both a unity that is present in music and at Henry, along with the celebration of diversity. The selections of jazz, which has deep roots in the African American Tradition, and the Solanic Dances which has its roots in Eastern Europe, show the great thought that was put in to picking the selections for this concert.
If you want to experience the love and joy that our Patrick Henry Phamily Musicians have put into the winter concert, join us Thursday December 8th at 7:00 P.M.

PHHS Winter Concert Series

The Patrick Henry High School Music Department is excited for the Winter Concert Series.