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Preparing For Finals by Angela Holth for November 19th

Preparing for Finals
Angela Holth
November 14, 2012
There is little that is more stressful for a college student than studying for final exams. Finals are typically more difficult than the ones taken in high school. In order to succeed on final exams, it is crucial to have a strategy for studying. A few current college students have offered their strategies and tips for how to do well on college finals and exams in general.
Kayla Sawyer is a third year Psychology major at Saint Cloud State University. Sawyer believes one of the most important things to do when preparing for finals is to be proactive.
“Don't wait until the week before finals to start studying for exams, you don't want to have to cram because it won't do you any good,” Sawyer said.
 “Also, utilize your resources on campus, go to tutors if you feel like you are struggling in a certain subject. It's better to acknowledge and fix and issue right when you have it, rather than scrambling before finals to learn a concept,” said Sawyer.
While it may seem like every college student must pull all night study sessions in order to do well on finals, that is not always the case. Joselyn Ziemer who is a sophomore at Anoka Ramsey Community College explains how sleep is crucial in order for her to do well during finals week.
“It is so hard for me to feel and do my best during finals week without getting enough sleep the night before,” Ziemer said.
Ziemer suggests getting at least 7-8 hours of sleep the night before an exam.
Another good tip to follow is to make up a study guide based on material learned throughout the course. This strategy works well for University of Minnesota student Gretchen Sagdalen.
“I prepare a study guide of the concepts and lessons I feel were the most important to remember. I also make my own flashcards and test myself on different terms and concepts. I find that this helps me remember a lot more than simply re-reading my notes,” Sagdalen said.
“It's also helpful to make a schedule of what topics you are going to study and by what date so that you don't fall behind on your studying,” Sagdalen said.
With so many techniques for tackling final exams it can be a challenge choosing a strategy that works best. A good way to decide what strategy is most successful is to test out as many tricks as possible and compare the effectiveness of each until you find one or two that works for you. Happy studying.