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Program Notes

Patrick Henry High School’s Media Program


Vision: Patrick Henry High School’s media center exists to support the teaching and learning of staff, students and community.


Mission: Patrick Henry High School’s media center provides exceptional media services in the creation and maintenance of the information hub that supports staff and students in their academic and personal pursuits.


Students at Patrick Henry High School are supported by a Library/Media Center staff committed to helping them have a successful academic high school career. Staff include a licensed media specialist and full-time computer technician. The testing coordinator houses out of the media center and performs many of the services that a full-time media clerk would. Students and teachers receive assistance when needed and a quiet place to study.


Our students have access to a world of information and ideas obtainable through many formats:  books and magazines, computer software, online databases and information retrieval systems provided by computer networks.  Media Staff teach students how to access these resources, guide our students in exploring new sources of information and make it easy to find materials for both their classroom assignments and for recreational reading, viewing and listening.   

Three computer labs housed in the media center support teaching and learning for large groups. Twelve computers support the learning of students working individually.


More Student Information and Policies


Media resources

Professional, trained, and experienced staff

  • Licensed Media Specialist

    • Bachelors of Science in Education: English

    • IB Librarian

  • Certified Technician to support hardware and software

  • Testing Coordinator trained in media services

Print materials

(Includes SSR materials)

  • Books: 15,000 books in the collection

    • 46% nonfiction

    • 39    fiction

    • 6      biography

    • 5      reference

    • 4      non-print (ebooks)

  • Magazines: 10-20 currently donated copies

  • SSR Collection: All of the print materials are available to our students, therefore they are all considered SSR materials.


  • 47,400 textbooks of which approximately 5,000 are actively circulating.

  • Some textbooks have supplementary CD-Roms.


  • Labs

    • 3 Mac labs with 33 computers each

    • Includes presentation hardware: projector, interactive whiteboard, teaching computer, doc cams

  • Media Center

    • 3 kiosks of four computers each for individual access

Electronic Resources and Databases

  • Minneapolis Student Learning Resources

    • Destiny: Online Catalog, ebooks, vetted websites, and database

    • CultureGrams

    • African American Registry

    • Encyclopedia Britannica

    • KidsInfobits

    • ELM4You: databases, video clips, magazines, newspapers

    • ASKMN: real time answers from a librarian 24/7


    • Tumble Readables

    • Tumblebooks

    • MyMPS: Learning Management System

    • Discovery Education: Videos, images, etc.

    • Thinkfinity

    • National Repository of Online Courses

  • School Website and other web resources