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Quarter 1 Outline

Quarterly Course Outline 

I.   School’s Mission Statement:  The Patrick Henry Community is committed to providing academically challenging programs which teach students to act responsibly, reason effectively, and contribute to a changing society.


II.    Course Title: 12th grade Government and Economics


III.      Minnesota Academic Standards to be taught this quarter:

 Minneapolis Public Schools Quarter I High School Government Standards


IV.    Expectations for Student Learning (At the end of this Quarter, students will be able to):

a. Explain the roots of American democracy and the role of government in American life.

b. Debate the concepts of human nature with respect to the role of government.

c. Explain the structure of the U.S. government.

d. Identify, compare and contrast several forms of government.

e. Demonstrate understanding of state and local government.

f. Identify conflicts affecting sovereign nations.



 V.  Instructional Methods/Strategies:


 A wide variety of methods will be used. Lectures, reading, writing, group work and discussion will be the primary strategies.


VI.            Assignments:


a.)    Major Projects: Major projects will include a variety of things. Written exams, essays, artistic creations and graded discussions will all be included.

b.)   Assignment Schedule:  Major assignments are given on Tuesdays and Fridays.

c.)    Academic Support:  Tutorials are Tuesday after school.