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Quarterly course outline

Support Quarterly Course Outline

I.                    Instructor Contact Info:   
Name: Mr. Extrand                                      
Room#: Gym 1
Voice Mail: 612-668-8034                         


II.                  School:  Patrick Henry High School


III.                School’s Mission Statement:  The Patrick Henry Community is committed to providing academically challenging programs which teach students to act responsibly, reason effectively, and contribute to a changing society.


IV.               Course Title: Fitness for life 2


V.                 Minnesota Academic Standards to be taught this quarter:

Motor Skills                                  

Movement Knowledge

Health-Related Physical Fitness

Personal& Social Behavior
Personal Well Being

VI.     Expectations for Student Learning
(At the end of this Quarter, students will be able to):

     Participate in a daily warm-up activity

     Know their long & short term goals

Dress and participate in the daily class activity

Complete a full work-out, using their weight cards

Complete a weekly current event

VII.             Instructional Methods/Strategies:


Try everything, do not be afraid to fail at something(practice,practice,practice)

Positive attitude

VIII.           Assignments:

Reiterate the major types of assignments from your original syllabus

a.)    Major Projects: weekly current events, typed vocab words,fitness goals, fitness plan introduction, trial 1 and 2 of the fitness test.

b.)   Assignment Schedule:  Last day of the week, current events are due(can be turned in early that week). Monday & Friday gym days, Tuesday & Thursday weight room days and Wednesday is class room day.

c.)    Academic: See Mr. Extrand if needed.