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How Students Choose Classes at Patrick Henry

Course Registration Week  
February 1st - 17th 

Registration night is rescheduled for Thursday Feb 11th from 4:30 - 8pm.  Arrive any time and you can work with your counselor or coordinator to complete your registration form that night.
What can you do to support registration?

Call or e-mail your student’s grade level counselor or program coordinator with question

  • All students are hearing from their grade-level counselor about course choices for next year. 
  • They will be completing their registration form between February 1st and 17th with their grade level counselor or program coordinator.
  • All students will be receiving additional information about course choices the last week in January.
  • All parents/guardians can contact their student’s grade-level counselor if they have questions and will receive a letter later in the spring indicating the courses their student has registered for.
    • Ask your student about what they learned from the presentation by their counselor
    • Go over the course catalog with your student—talk about their course selections with them (the course catalog will be available February 1st).

Course Registration Videos