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Course Description/ Objectives

The objective of the music program at Patrick Henry is to allow every student to grow intellectually, emotionally, socially and physically through the medium of music. Students will increase their ability to play their string instrument. Students will be exposed to a broad study of music from this and other cultures. Student’s perception of elements in music and their ability to analyze many styles of music will increase. Students will acquire the knowledge to recognize musical characteristics and develop musical skills. Students will increase their understanding and use of musical vocabulary.

Required Texts and Other Supplies


Essential Elements

orchestra pieces

solo and ensemble music


Class Policies Attendance – An absence is defined as missing more than 15 minutes of class. After 3 absences a call will be made home. Five (5) unexcused absences will result in a full grade deduction. Seven or more unexcused absences will result in an F for the quarter.

Promptness – Tardiness will result in an automatic detention. If a student has two or more detentions that have not been served the grade will be lowered 1/3 for every two unserved detentions.

Passes – 3 passes are allowed for each quarter. Behavior Expectations – Refer to additional sheet

Food/Drink in classroom – Water is the only food or beverage allowed in class. This policy also excludes gum, candy, seeds and any other consumable product. Students with food/drink will be required to throw away the product and serve a detention. The same grade policy will apply for unserved detentions as in the tardy policy.

Academic Support: Study Hall or Tutorials are available at the request of the student/parents. I am in my class every morning except most Tuesdays from 7:15.