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Patrick Henry High School

Advanced Algebra 2015-2016


Teacher: Ms. Sun Hee Lim.

Contact: email: or voice mail: 612-668-8496.


Course Description: This course is designed to support student’s ability to recognize, describe and generalize patterns to make predictions; use algebraic symbols and operations to represent and analyze mathematical structures and relationships; analyze the relationships and interactions between quantities to model and compare patterns of change for complex functions. Students will improve their group interaction skills in addition to mathematical communication skills in the areas of reading, writing and speaking. In addition, students will review and prepare for the Math portion of the MCA III(Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment) and ACT test.



Course topics: Unit 1: Sequences and Series, Unit 2: Families of Functions, Unit 3: Exponential, Power and Logarithm Functions, Unit 4: Quadratics, Unit 5: Polynomials, Unit 6: Advanced Systems of Inequalities, Unit 7: Probability, and Preparation of ACT and MCA test.


Course Objectives:  By the end of the semester, the student will be able to:

1.  Find a rule of an arithmetic or geometric sequence.

2.  Solve polynomial, quadratic, rational, and systems of equations.

3.  Graph polynomial, quadratic, rational, and absolute value, polynomial functions.

 4.  Model real world situations using linear functions, quadratic functions, exponential functions, and systems of linear equations/inequalities.

5. Algebraically perform operations with exponential and logarithmic expressions, and functions.

6. Apply the NCTM process standards (connections, communication, reasoning and proof, representations, and problem solving) to the above objectives.


Materials: What you should bring to class .

  • Text book: Discovering Advanced Algebra
  • Note book for class work and home work
  • Pencil or pen to write with
  • A Graphing Calculator (will be provided for IN CLASS ONLY)


  • Classwork

I expect you to start warm-ups or pop-up quizzes as you enter class every day.

I expect you to complete an exit ticket when you leave class every day.

Both warm-ups and exit tickets are graded.

Small group work- Ms. Lim believes that learning is enhanced by group work.- More details will be announced.

Extra Credit- There will be minimal opportunities for extra credit and those opportunities will be given to extend students’ learning related to the Learning Targets and Course Objectives.

Classwork expectations

ü  You are expected to work to their highest potential each day in class.

ü  Classroom participation and effective use of class time is expected.

ü  Students are expected to come to class prepared to learn. This includes bringing all required materials to class, especially book, paper, and writing utensil.

ü  Students will demonstrate respect for themselves and others and follow all school policies.

ü  Absolutely NO Food, drink, headgear, coats, backpack including a purse in the class room. All the items MUST be kept in students’ lockers instead of being brought to class.

ü  NO ELETRONICS (cell phone, i-pod, camera, etc) is allowed in the classroom. YOU MUST NOT CHARGE YOUR ELECTRONICS IN CLASS. This means that even putting it out on desk is not allowed WITHOUT A PERMISSION FROM MS.LIM.  If seen, it will be taken away right away and you may pick it up after school from your dean.




  • Homework

Homework will be assigned on a daily basis and generally due the following day (at the beginning of class).  Though assignments are generally not graded, I retain the right to grade homework for completeness and effort, and at times for accuracy.  Homework checks/pop quizzes will be one or twice per week.


Missing assessment (assignment) policy:       

  • Students are expected to make up assignments due to absences in a timely manner.
  • Make-up quizzes or tests MUST be done OUTSIDE of class time or in Advisory Lab and must be done within a week after the original assessment was given. (This rule also applies for absence.)
  • After school tutorial will be available. Time and classroom will be announced.
  • Students are required to complete additional practices or attending tutoring sessions to get chance of A RE-ASSESSMENT.
  • If you are absent the class before a test/quiz, expect to take the test/quiz on the regularly schedule day (this means you must review on your own). If you are absent the day of a test/quiz including a field trip, expect to take the test/ quiz on the 1st tutorial day or advisory lab you return.


Grading Policy:

Grades will be determined by averaging all work using the following breakdown.

            · SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENT: 80% of the final grade and it consists of quizzes and tests.

            · FORMATIVE ASSESSEMNT: 20% of the final grade and it consists of warm-ups, exit tickets, and pop-up quizzes.



Grades are based on Standards-Based Grading implemented by PHHS.


 87% and above- A                  63%-65.99%---- B-                 46%-49.99%---- D+

75%-86.99%---- A-                 59%-6.99%------ C+                 38%-45.99%---- D

71%-74.99%----- B+                 54%-58.99%---- C                   31%-37.99%-----D-

66%-70.99%----- B                   50%-53.99%----- C-                 Below 30.99% ----F


Grades are updated every weekend. If you would like your current grade, check the website each Monday night –


Class Policies/Expectations

  • Tardy policy –

If you are tardy, you will miss warm-ups or pop-quizzes.

You are expected be on time. If you have 3 tardiness, a phone call will be made to your parent to improve your academic attitude.

Also, you are responsible for the consequences by the PHHS Tardy Policies

·       Passes- No pass will be issued.


·        Scholastic honesty-  

Be honest with your work on all tests and quizzes.  If you are found to have cheated, you will receive a zero for the quarter grade, you will have to retake all the passing tests and quizzes for the quarter. A phone call will be made to your parents.



  • School-wide behavior expectations will be also announced later in this class.
  • All PHHS rules apply.

Academic Support

  • Tutorials – Mondays from 3:00 to 4:00 pm and Advisory Lab.
  • Retaking Assessment- Mondays from 3:00-4:00 pm, Advisory Lab, and 7:00 -7:40 am every morning.




Return only it by Friday, August 28th, 2015



We have read and understand the grading policy and classroom expectations for Ms. Lim’s Advanced Algebra course.



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