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Resources for Teachers

The Black Male Achievement Team is committed to providing teachers training around racial equity and cultural competency. We are also committed to provided teaching strategies, culturally relevant curriculum for the classroom, and one on one support for teachers.

Cultural Relevant Tools for Teaching, Educating, and Advancing

Teachers are sent an Bi weekly email entitled "Cultural Relevant Tool for Teaching, Educating, and Advancing." This email consist of videos, and aides to help expand teacher's knowledge per topic. Some tools will be used for direct service in the classroom and/or with curriculum, some will be used for educating teachers or scholars in general, and lastly some will be used for advancing the teacher on the continuum of racial justice and cultural responsiveness. Teachers are encouraged to: 

1.       Read the “Cultural Relevant Tools for Teaching, Educating, and Advancing;

2.       Talk about it with a variety of colleagues (those who differ from your core group of regulars, we all have them);

3.       Engage in the online open forum; and

4.       Practice/Implement it into your daily exploration.

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Today in Black History

Two times a week or more, teachers are sent an email that will engage them in Black History. Teachers are expected to share this resource in their classroom with scholars and find ways to facilitate a mini discussion around the topic. We utilize the motto "Share the Story! Talk about the Experience! Remember the Impact!"

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