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The Boss Remembers the Man Who Made That Happen for March 23rd


My Life by Trevon Allen '13

Coming up in this world as a child I was young and I was wild. I always had this thought in my head of becoming a famous basketball player one day in this crazy world and I just knew that I would succeed if I put the hard work and effort in.   I mean if you could see the things I was seeing as a kid you would feel my pain that I feel everyday.   You would know why I am the way I am, why I am the respectful person and generous, maybe mean sometimes person, but it's because I have been through a lot. I was young and I was a stray-- to go and get away get away from what? Get away from the hurt, the dirt, the wrongness people can think, and wonder what really goes on in my head. You will never know, but do you ever stop to ask me what I'm thinking? I don’t think so. I don’t think you know why I train hard and work hard everyday. I do because I have a lot to gain and a lot to lose.

Once my father Mark Mosley aka Chatta Chesse died on July 24th 2011, it made me grow up and turn into a man. You wonder why I say a man? I say a man because it's people that you love and care about and feel for and it's like yesterday that me and my big brother Gizzy was with him in St. Louis Missouri on a hot Easter day kicking it and having fun everyday. I live on this earth now. I miss him. I cry. I drop tears all he time because I miss him he was a great part of my heart and he was the one that kept everything together. He was the dart the person who kept my beautiful mother a great person which she is. Sometimes I hate thinking about it because I would never know the man who killed him, the man who took him away from me and my family. Even though I wasn’t living in St. Louis, Missouri he still was the person who told me I was a boss and now that he is gone I felt like I was lost, but I had to regain myself and work hard at basketball so I can take care of my family and be the change people wish to see and be a great NBA player. I will always miss you Dad and if there’s one thing I remember its that you always told me to be a great leader and a BOSS……………………………. R.I.P CHATTA CHEESE.