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Trip to Japan
We gathered at 5:30 a.m. at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport on the 10th of June, a day after 2003-2004 school year was over.  Kristina, Joe, La, Dao, Geoff, Xavier, Song, Peter and Yee let for Japan with me.  Their first time ever trip to Japan.   It was a long flight, 13 1/2, and we all were tired by the time we arrived to Tokyo International Airport.   But it was a fun filled trip!!

Sightseeing Around Tokyo Area
It was hot and humid just as sensei had warned us. Everyday was a stereotypical Japanse rainy season day; tsuyu.
At Honjo Daiichi High School
After sightseeing around Tokyo, we visited Honjo city, north west of Tokyo and about 2hrs. by train, and did home-stah for 8 days at students from Honjo Daiichi High School. It was a bomb!