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Henry Counseling Team: 2016-17
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To schedule a Registration appointment, please contact our Registration Clerk-Ms. Maryann Torres at 612-668-1927.

To request a Transcript, please fax your request of record form to our Transcript Clerk- Ms. Dawn Ferdelman at 612-668-1995.

Mission Statement: We exist to help students reach their full potential and to become life, career and college ready.

Vang Lo

Mr. Lo

Licensed School Counselor

Lower Team: 9th and 10th grades

Students with last names: M - X and Z


Phone: 612.668.1933

Office: room 104B 

Undergraduate college
: University of Wisconsin-River Falls
Major/minor: Bachelor's Degree in Marketing Communications, minor in Art

Graduate college: University of Wisconsin- River Falls
Program of study: Master's Degree in Education in School Counseling

1. List five goals on your life's to-do list:
Earn my Master's degree (done!)
Be a Licensed School Counselor- making a difference everyday (doing!)
Be a Licensed Realtor in MN-making a difference in the community (doing!)

Be a Badminton Coach at Patrick Henry High School (done, coached for 2 years at Henry 2014-2016!)
Earn my PhD, want to be call Dr. Lo someday!

2. What are your hobbies?
Badminton, running- especially around lakes, golfing, help supports kids/young people in school, MCing, facilating meetings, and spending time with my 3 daughters & 1 son, wife, immediate family and large extended family!

3. Desk: messy or organized?
Organized (most days)!

4. If you could have a $10,000 shopping spree to one store, which store would it be and how long would it take you to spend the $10,000?
I would go to Best Buy and it would take me two weeks to spend the $10,000.  I would spend $$$$ on a new media system in my basement family room and buy a TV for every room in our house! 

5. When students come to your office, what are two things they will see?
FREE MINTS anyone that stop by my office!
A soft/comfortble COUNSELING CHAIR with an ottoman, come have a seat and talk to Mr. Lo!

6. What is one suggestion you can give students to be successful here at Henry?
It's not about the past, it's about what you can do NOW and the FUTURE! 

7. What is one suggestion you can give parents at Henry?
Sign up for Parent Portal and stay connected with your child's grades/attendance/behaivors.  Here is the link to Parent Portal:  If you need help to sign up, please call me-Mr. Lo at 612-668-1933 or email me.

Please know that we CARE about you.  Please come see me or any Couselor, we are here to support YOU.  You can do it because we believe in you!  Thank you for visiting our website  and make it a great year! -Mr. Lo