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Check out these sites

Is This Source Reliable?  Take the CARS test to find out. 
CARS from McGraw Hill

OPVL - How do you answer these questions? 

Citation Service

How to Cite Sources in MLA Style
MLA from Purdue  - Click on "MLA In Text Citations" on the left hand side of the screen for more in depth information to cite sources within your paper. 
MLA Style from George Mason University  

Primary Sources
Avalon Project - This has many primary sources throughout history
Internet Modern History Sourcebook - Same as above
National Archives
American Memory at the Library of Congress

Secondary Sources
There are few RELIABLE sources on the internet for secondary source information.  Give it the CARS test to see if it's a worthy site.  That is why it is important to avoid Google and use the following web sites when researching a project online. 

Historical Text Archive - Secondary sources from the U.S. and Latin America. You can also click on "search" to use Google to find what you are looking for on the site. 
Destiny - Minneapolis Public Schools Library Catalog
Net Trekker
Electronic Library of Minnesota
Hennepin County Library Catalog
Hennepin County Library History Day Page
Hennepin County History Subject Guide
JSTOR - IF, and only if you have a Hennepin County library card and you are feeling very ambitious. 

On this day in history from the New York Times
Historical Scene Investigation

Current Events
New York Times
Marketplace - public radio show with lots of information about our economy
Planet Money from NPR
National Public Radio
Star Tribune
CIA World Factbook