Hello, and welcome to Mr. Fleisner's upper level Physical Education Course, Weight Training and Conditioning!
Weight training will help you tackle!
Speed will allow you to deliver a hit instead of take one!
Year-round training WILL enable you to perform at your best!

 How to use Turnitin.com


1.Go to Turnitin.com

2. Click ‘Create Account’

3.Scroll to the bottom of the next screen and click the highlighted student button

4.Then next screen asks for this information:

Class ID: 8552793

Password: HS1415


5.Then put in the email address you check daily.

6.Then put in the password for that email

7.Then put in the secret question.

8.Then hit submit.


You now have an account and my class added to it…along with all the Current Event Reflection assignments and dates.

When you log into Turnitin.com in the future, the login is your email you used in the above step, and the password is the password to that email account.  If you forgot the password, after you try to login, it will ask if you forgot the password…then follow those instructions.



Here are some useful links regarding Exercises:

Stack Magazine: http://magazine.stack.com/

Stack Magazine Videos: http://stacktv.stack.com/

Ladder Agility Drills: http://www.sport-fitness-advisor.com/ladder-agility-drills.html

Plyometric Drills: http://www.exrx.net/Lists/PowerExercises.html

Animated Plyometric Drills: http://www.sport-fitness-advisor.com/plyometricexercises.html

Elitefts.com Exercise Index: http://train.elitefts.net/

UW-Lacrosse Strength and Conditioning Dept.: Strength Training Videos: http://www.uwlax.edu/strengthcenter/videos/video%20main%20page.htm

Mayo Clinic on Strength Training: http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/strength-training/HQ01710

Weight Training is great for people of ALL ages!