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Welcome Back to School from Mr. Abdullah, Principal


To Students and Family Members of the Henry High School Community:

 This past June I was blessed to address our Class of 2016 at the 75th anniversary of Graduation Day. I had attended Henry Graduation Day ceremonies in the past as a Coordinator of the Career and College Center and an Academic Dean, but this was my first opportunity to lead this monumental event as Principal.  I was both humbled and tremendously energized because I know both our school’s proud past and the promise of an even more spectacular future.  Here’s how you can support our continuing success throughout this school year:


A.        Check off or highlight student accomplishments:

            1.         Earn a Quarterly Honor Roll/Perfect Attender/.5 Progress Over Previous Term


            2.         Participate in a Patrick Henry club, activity, or sport or regularly attend school


            3.         Attend a Drama Club school play, Music Performance: Winter Concert or Spring


            4.         Buy at least one Patrick Henry Spirit Wear item and wear it on Fridays or special

                        school events

            5.         Attend Homecoming events/dance, or cultural events like Black History Month,

                        Hmong New Year or May Show

            6.         For Seniors: Participate in the Senior Journey which includes: Banquet, Prom,

                        Valleyfair, Graduation, Yearbook, and Overnight.

B.        Support Henry at Home:

            1.         Communicate Hopes and Expectations: School is important in our family – we

                       expect you to work hard” You can do it!” “I know you will do great in that class.”

            2.         Connect School to Life: Share stories about your experiences in school.  Help

                       draw the connection to future life and interests when your child discusses Henry

            3.         Build Study Skills and Strategies:  Make homework, reading, and studying a

                       priority at home.  Help your child learn how to find school help, and ask for it.

                        Attend Parent Teacher Conferences (First Conference:  October 18th and 19th)

            4.         Help your Child Plan for the Future: Make sure your child takes challenging

                        classes, and is ready for graduation.  Learn about the requirements for

                       admission to post-high school programs


Our staff reported back to school on Tuesday, August 23rd with presentations led by our students, parents, and community members covering topics such as: What It Means To Be a Henry Patriot and How We Can and Must End Racism.  We listened.  We can’t wait to work with you to continue to lead the way in making Henry a responsive global learning community.


Please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions or concerns about our school.  Thank you always for your support! Remember PHamily Matters!




 Yusuf Abdullah, Principal