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A Personal Review of Nellie by Saychai for March 4th


A Personal Review of Nellie

by Saychai

February 15th, 2013

History Theatre

St. Paul, MN


            In the play Nellie I saw that no matter where you come from on earth, you can do anything you set your mind to: you just have to be strong and let nothing get in your way. The play emphasizes how just because you are a certain gender or race, that does not mean you can’t do what you want to do. Everyone who was in the play used their character to send this message throughout the play.


            To me it was very inspiring because now I rethink about the things I was to do in life and not give up so easily because sooner or later good will come from my hard work.


            The play Nellie was about a woman named Nellie Stone Johnson. She came from a small town in Minnesota where she grew up on a farm. She had big dreams in life and wanted to change the world and how people saw others as humans. She moved out to the big city to get her education.


            After getting her high school diploma, she went to the University of Minnesota. When she arrived, two white men were already giving her a hard time about how they didn’t see many colored people going to school at the University. She was thinking about giving up on her dream, but a man named Swan came along and changed her mind.


            As she got older Nellie had many different jobs but kept on getting fired. She got married to a man named Clide. She was in so many organizations to fight for freedom for colored peoples and worker’s rights; her husband thought is was just a waste of her time. Eventually she went back to a job she held at the Athletic Club; there she worked as an elevator person. She convinced her coworkers at the Athletic Club to fight for high pay and health care, among other rights.


By the end of the play they got what they wanted and Nellie’s life was a bit easier. Even though Nellie went through a lot she stuck with her dreams and stayed strong. She never gave up on what she believed in.