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Good Things Happen Here

At our National African American Parent Involvement Day on February 8th a parent suggested that we capture simple random acts of kindness. Here are a few of the great things that our volunteers have done to support our community.

Ann Kaari, Graduate, Foundation Member, Coordinates Holiday on 44th:

Ms. Ann Kaari

Congratulations to Ann Kaari, a Class of 1994 graduate who works with the Patrick Henry Foundation and successfully coordinated what many believe was the biggest and most successful Hoiday on 44th ever (see pictures here).

Ann Kaari — another great Camden volunteer
By: Buzzy Bohn 05/01/2008

During the 1970s and 1980s Ann Kaari volunteered for the Loring School PTA. She was also active with the citywide PTA. Ann worked to fix the overcrowding in North Minneapolis schools caused by the school closings in the early 1980s. Ann helped form the Northside Schools Coalition when parents from various schools realized that the school district was playing one school against the other and generally giving everyone the run-around. It was because of her work for all the schools that members of the coalition and others talked her into running for school board. Ann has also been a volunteer tutor in Northside schools. Even though her children are grown, Ann continues to fight for neighborhood schools and to hold the school board accountable. She has always been a big supporter of Henry High School and is also a member of the Patrick Henry Foundation.

For many years Ann, along with her husband Warren, volunteered time with Boy Scout Troop 129 at Luther Memorial Church. Ann was the first woman in the troop to be elected to the Order of the Arrow, which was a great honor. Even after their sons were out of scouting, Ann and Warren stayed on and kept helping other boy scouts.

Ann cares a lot about her community. She is a Victory Neighborhood Association Board Member, member of her neighborhood livability committee, and active with the Camden Alliance of Neighborhoods. Ann is also a pivotal member of the Holiday on 44th committee. While the whole community is better because of the volunteering of Ann Kaari, it’s the young people in this community for whom she’s made the most difference.