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The Legacy
Tyisha Writes About Depression for March 28th



I awoke remembering the silence.
The silence of hope,

the silence of death  

The silence of everyone nagging 

and picking on me about my depression.
This is the life that I am living.

Not the one I was dreaming. 

The life that wants me. 

Not the one that deceives me.


My life has been up, down, 

and all around. It’s been here there 

and not over here where it supposed to be.
Where the people that care for me

The people that have no fears of me and my sickness.

The ones who love me.


I remember their voices saying 

"this is your life, live it 

live it for you and no one but you. 

Love each day like it’s your last 

and treasure each moment 

like it’s your first. Just cause 

you have the label of depression 

 doesn't mean you live by it. 

Just remember its just 10 little letters 

that means nothing but what it spells 

D.E.P.R.E.S.S.I.O.N. depression. 

Don't let that word describe you."


Or should I say, "don't let that word describe me."