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Ariel Shares Two Poems


What's the true realistic meaning of the word hate?

Not the definition that's in the dictionary now.

The definition from back in the day.

I hate to love

And love to hate

Or maybe I'm just stuck in a game that everyone loves to play.


Phone Call To Heaven
Hello?  Hey, God, how are you?  It's me...the child you blessed with a messed up life.

And family tree.

You see God, I don't know if you've noticed

But I don't like life very much

I'm heartless now, the coldest.

I've experienced so much hurt

and I'm hardly ever calling on your name.

It's hard to believe you exist

When all I seem to know is pain.

I was just calling because I thought maybe it would help and just maybe you'd tell me when the sun will shine on me.