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Good Things Happen Here

At our National African American Parent Involvement Day on February 8th a parent suggested that we capture simple random acts of kindness. Here are a few of the great things that our volunteers have done to support our community.

There is a Santa Claus. His Name is Bill Moore.


In 2008 Bill Moore the President of the Camden Lions Club President  had a dream of establishing a student service feeder program into the  Lions called Leos. He had worked at Patrick Henry as a assistant football coach and knew that Patriot students had a zeal for helping other. Mr. Moore worked on the Leos program and grew it successfully until it has become one of Patrick Henry's most popular student activities, and certainly THEE most prosperous student activity having raised several hundred dollars for local charities since its inception.

Mr. Moore and the Camden Lions Club specialize in feeding great food to large amounts of people and when he was approached to help with Patrick Henry's First Annual Barbeque and Open House he volunteered to:

  • purchase and prepare much of the food
  • prepare tents
  • share a T-shirt emblem making machine
  • solicit help for distribution of food

Mr. Moore even brought his daughter to help with the setup and takedown of the chairs, tables, and tent.The end result was one of Patrick Henry's most popular events of all time, serving over 1,000 staff, students and their families.  All agreed that this event could not have been possible without Mr. Moore.