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The Legacy
Billy Shares NHS Speech for May 23rd


Everyone remembers and loved Billy's address at the National Honor Society Induction in April. Why? Because it was short and sweet. Find out what Billy said here.

Good Evening,

            I’d like to start off with a quote that I hold very closely to me, “With great power, comes great responsibility” - Ben Parker. (Spider-Man’s uncle)

            Growing up I’ve read a lot of comic books and grew up with superheroes as role-models. They are always faced with the choice and responsibility of helping those around them with the powers that they have. I feel as if we all have powers that we use daily. Our powers may not be the ability to shoot webs out of your wrists, the ability to be faster than a speeding bullet, or the ability to stare into people’s souls and scare them to death like Mr. Owen, but we all have the power of choice and responsibility. I think that’s what being a person of character is; not being a goofball like me and being a character, but having character. We have character because we can think critically, we can think logically, we can be passionate and we can make the choices that define us, like the superheroes do.

            I’d like to leave this speech with two things in mind:


1.  Although Mr. Owen has the power to stare into your soul, that doesn’t make him a superhero because he is naturally a super villain.

2.  We all have the ability to use our powers for the greater good. It’s just up to you all to accept that responsibility and do what’s right. Seeing as you are all here, I am confident in saying you all have character. Congratulations on your acceptance into the National Honor Society class of 2014, you are the superheroes of today and tomorrow.

                                                                                                Thank You